Teresa Sloat

Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook

The recipes collected here are dinner greats. There is the classic fried chicken and cornbread to exotic meals from around the world. Ethnic recipes are a must in any kitchen! The ingredients used are meats, vegetables and spices.Take your pick of the dinner recipe you wish to cook for your friends and family. These recipes can be for one to four people.
Have a small dinner party or a cozy dinner for you and your spouse.
Become the cast iron skillet queen by mixing up a delicious recipe using ingredients found in your own cupboard. Go out on a limb and try a recipe that you do not usually cook.

Try a seared steak or pork chop or a yummy goat cheese omelet. One skillet dishes are a must in the cast iron skillet, the heat will cook evenly and the spices will be savored in the first bite.

Take the time to check out all of the recipes and mark your favorite ones. Get out the skillet and begin to make these recipes one at a time. There will be many you will wonder how you ever lived without. They are an accumulation of meats, vegetables and side dishes to entice your palate.
Get ready to cook and enjoy!
31 printed pages
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