Teresa Sloat

Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook Vol. 1 Breakfast Recipes

Enjoy Quick And Tasty Breakfasts In Your Cast Iron Skillet!
The recipes presented in this book are for breakfast dishes in a cast iron skillet. What a relief to know you can still prepare tasty and healthy breakfast those early mornings when you need to quickly put a great meal together before dashing off for the day.
So why store away your cast iron skillet when it’s all you need to enjoy delicious meals?
These breakfast dishes can be cooked separately or all in one skillet. There are fun breakfasts, such as pancakes and sausage. There are one meal breakfasts, such as eggs, hashbrowns, and vegetable frittatas. You will be able to use your cast iron skillet to bake biscuits and make some awesome cinnamon rolls. The delicious meals you can cook in your cast iron skillet are endless.
In this book, the basic essentials used are eggs, bacon and bread of choice. All of the ingredients are mostly what we have in our pantries.  Experimenting with breakfast is welcome. You can cook with bacon, sausage or ham. Some use other meat cuts for breakfast. Not only can you prepare meats and eggs, you can also bake biscuits, flip pancakes and cook some hashbrowns. To create some new tempting dishes, throw in some different vegetables and seasonings.
So What Are You Waiting For?
Get Out Your Skillet, Dust It Off And Oil It.
Let’s Get Ready To Cook Some Breakfast!
32 printed pages
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