Arian Wulf


The last thing Anastasia expects when she boards a flight is to be indoctrinated into the mile-high-club. The innocent and naive young woman is completely unprepared when a handsome older man she meets mistakes her for another and joins her in the airplane's lavatory. Her first time is taken right then and there, the man's expert hands touching her everywhere at once, taking her apart piece by piece.

He steps in closer, slotting himself between her legs and forcing her thighs open to the point where she can no longer find any leverage, only the hard press of his body keeping her from falling to the floor. She curls her legs around his torso, if only for something— someone to keep her grounded, but that only draws their bodies closer together.

He crooks a finger under her chin, forcing her eyes on him. «I'm going to take this off and when I do, I want you to beg.”

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Anastasia just turned eighteen a few months ago and Donald claims to be as straight-laced as they come, going as far as to say that he has never paid for sex before, but he would do it for her.

It all makes her feel rather cheap, to be honest, like he’s doing her a favor, but she likes him well enough except for that one conversation and she's trying her best not to think about the awkwardness there and the bad taste it left in her mouth afterwards.

She hadn't asked for money point blank, but she sort of brought up the fact that they met up on a site for Sugar Daddies and he asked her to talk to him outside of the site and asked her to be exclusive because what they had was— is special, but he never got around to giving her any money.

Everything's just been rather awkward, honestly, but he claims what they have is real and she really does enjoy talking to him. Maybe if she decides she doesn't like him by the end of the trip, she would go back on the site and talk to someone else. Lindsey, who introduced her to the site, told her that she should have reported him. The site is supposed to protect both of them. He should have been paying her weekly and the site would have made sure of it. In fact, this whole meetup would not have been possible if they continued communicating via the website. It's there to protect both their identities and make sure that neither of them are being taken advantage of. Lindsey tells her that if he wanted to take things off the site and have her as an exclusive sugar baby, he would have had to pay a huge sum of money, ten percent of which will go to the site and the rest into her bank account.

He's either a liar or a cheapskate, her roommate, Massie says. She's a little worried about her, but Massie isn't one to talk. She had been going out almost every night, sleeping with nameless strangers.

Even then, Anastasia can't help but feel like she's making a horrible mistake.

She decides quickly that if she doesn't like what she sees when she comes off the flight, she will turn right back and the decision makes her breathe easier. She has just enough money for a flight back, thankfully.

When she finally boards the flight, all her nervous anxiety has turned into exhaustion. All she wants to do is sink into the seats and sleep through the rest of the flight.

She wonders if Donald counts as a significant other. She hasn't really done anything with him before. They mostly just chat and occasionally exchange pictures. Then again, most of the pictures she had gotten from him are from the waist down.
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