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Arian Wulf

Rabbit Shifter & Her Playboy Werewolf Alpha

If Olivia is being truthful with herself, she has expected this for a while. Near everyone who's anyone has had a turn with their playboy Alpha. She imagines it's a bit like an initiation, the final stamp of welcome into the pack. It's something for them to bond over, being used and then discarded by their playboy boss who's unfairly good at everything, even sex. Especially sex.

Therein lies the problem. It is supposed to be a one-time-thing, an experience of a lifetime.

It's definitely not a one-time thing.

The Alpha Werewolf takes her in every place imaginable, pinning her over desks and pulling her into closets so he can take her apart and put her back together again.

She doesn't know what he wants from her and she's too afraid that if she asks, he's going to stop.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“I won't be careful,” he says, as if he had ever been careful with her in the past.

She sees it as the warning that it is, and she has a feeling it would be the only one that she would receive, her only opportunity to put her foot down and put an end to this madness that is toying with her heart. “I don't expect you to be,” she whispers, heart beating wildly.
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