Arian Wulf

Rabbit Shifter Ready To Mate

Mira isn't afraid of her guardian. She has never been afraid of him even though nature dictates that she should be terrified of the Alpha Werewolf. After all, she is nothing more than a helpless little prey, a petite Rabbit Shifter with floppy white ears and eyes too large for her face. Then again, nature also thinks she should be afraid of everything, and she's made it her life goal to be fearful of nothing. Except her guardian's disappointment, it would seem.

At nineteen, she thinks she is old enough to mate with the Fox Shifter who has been courting her. The Fox Shifter is her own age and has been good to her. She thinks it would work out well… probably. She approaches her guardian about it. Mr. Wolf has always been kind towards her. He spoils her and babies her a little more than the others. He's protective of her, but she tells herself that it's only because she's the youngest of his wards.

But he does not take the request for her to be mated to someone else kindly.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“That's it, sweet,” he hums. “Pretty little thing. I hear you've been doing well in your classes,” he says.

She can't answer with his fingers pressing on her tongue, but she tries anyways, verbalizing a soft, “Yeah” that comes out as a muffled, “Ahh.”

“Do you think I would let you go so easily, love? A nothing fox from nowhere?” he says. “Do you think he could make you happy?”

She blinks large eyes at him, confused about why his tone has turned so deep and chastising. When he pulls his fingers out from her mouth, he leans in and takes her mouth with his, tongue diving in, licking at her mouth as if he's cleaning her, as if he's imagining that the fox shifter had kissed her beforehand and he is trying to replace the scent until there's nothing but his own.
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