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Patrick King

The Art of Everyday Assertiveness

Stand your ground without guilt, fear, or awkward tension. Finally get what you deserve and stop “letting it slide”.

Who is making your daily choices for you? Is it you? Make sure you possess the everyday assertiveness to get what you want and resist the pressure to reject what you don’t want. You’ve put yourself last your entire life. It’s time for that to change.

Stop enabling, sacrificing your needs, people pleasing, and being so “agreeable.”

The Art of Everyday Assertiveness is a guide for the chronically “nice,” “overwhelmed,” and “accommodating”. It is a deep psychological dive into the beliefs that makes us lack assertiveness, and how to systematically combat and replace compulsions with healthy mindsets.
This is a book that stands apart from others because of the plethora of real life examples and solutions. If your problem is assertiveness, you’ll find the step by step answer in this book — included is an Assertiveness Action Plan unlike any other.

Gain respect, set boundaries, and ask for what you really want.

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. His writing draws of a variety of sources, from research, academic experience, coaching, and real life experience. He’s also a recovering people pleaser who knows exactly how it feels to feel unable to speak his mind.

How to decisively say NO and reclaim your time and energy Stop putting others first and being taken advantage of.

•A wide variety of ways to say no — without tension or awkwardness.
Beating the subconscious beliefs that make you a compliant doormat.
•How to set healthy boundaries and protect yourself from others.
How to ask for exactly what you want, when you want it.
•The instinct to over-apologize and how to fix it.

Stop being a “helpaholic” and start treating yourself better.
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    b4599140026has quoted3 years ago
    When we give “symbolic value” to action, or lack of action, we not only risk our own disappointment, but we also set up our partner to fail.
    b4599140026has quoted3 years ago
    Am I not asserting myself by my own free will? Is this truly what I want, or is there a reason related to fear, obligation, or guilt?” “Am I acting out of anxiety or excitement?” You might have to ask yourself a couple of times to get an honest answer, but this is how you begin to understand yourself better.
    By recognizing your patterns and reactions, you can begin to gain more control and restore balance in your relationships. Confrontation, which is often the one thing victims want to avoid most, is inevitable. Victims will have to confront their own fears, senses of obligation, and feelings of guilt. Likewise, they are going to have to confront the blackmailer. While these are daunting tasks, victims must assert themselves in order to break the cycle. There is no way around them.
    Just like real fog makes late-night driving difficult, FOG can make people feel paralyzed and powerless in some relationships. Finding the correct path may seem next to impossible. It is conceivable, however, to take control and conquer fear, obligation, and guilt and become more assertive.
    Many of life’s greatest achievements are realized when fears are faced and overcome. The thought of r
    b4599140026has quoted3 years ago
    This can start with asking a server or barista to make a substitution in your order, or asking a stranger to hand you a napkin. It builds from there

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