Satoru Yamaguchi

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Volume 5

After being reincarnated as the “villainess” from the otome game Fortune Lover, Katarina expected to meet doom in the form of one of many Catastrophic Bad Ends. She managed to avoid them all, but her engagement with Prince Jeord still looms over her head.
In this short story volume, a bitter rival appears to interfere with said engagement, and Nicol is looking for… a fiancée? And we learn trivia about Katarina's circle of friends, such as how they would choose to be reincarnated.
Sigh at Katarina's cluelessness in these stories that jump back into the past! More Katarina, more zany antics, more manga pages!
190 printed pages
Original publication
J-Novel Heart
Marco Godano



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