Miya Kazuki


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ere the sound was coming from with his eyes.
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I got the feeling that she was just venting her anger in my direction since she was getting less time to play the harspiel while I got to go off and do whatever I wanted.

“I see. In that case, could you let her yell at you in my place?”

“Sure! Wait... Hold on a second. No way! I don’t wanna!” Gil, having only just realized what I said, shook his head hard. He looked so funny that Lutz and I couldn’t help but laugh, earning us a glare and a murmur that he would bring me back to my room no matter what. It seemed I had no choice but to give up and face Rosina’s wrath.
Kim Maihas quoted10 months ago
She even brings books to bed when she’s sick and bedridden. Despite the fact she needs to rest, she just keeps crying while begging for books until Fran ultimately caves in and lets her have one.”

“I would expect nothing less from that single-minded maniac,” replied Lord Ferdinand as he continued writing down answers to questions about language so archaic that it wasn’t even taught at the Royal Academy.


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👍Worth reading


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    👍Worth reading

    Wilfred is an idiot

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    Very entertaining, this series keeps getting better

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