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Adam Shaw

How to Deal With Your Self-Destruct Button

This book should be used to question your relationship with your own lunatic gene. You know that you have it. Logic could not possibly adequately explain all of your perceived shortcomings or quirks. It's ok, you're not alone! If you have ever questioned the sanity of your family, your life or yourself, this book will help you to reach more peace with this.
We all have a Lunatic Gene. It can cause us to think or do seemingly insane things. Thinking about doing insane things is normal. This book explains why. If you have lost loved ones, seen long relationships end, ran out of money, or feel that there is nothing left to strive for, you will be feeling this more than most.
Everybody has a breaking point. This book is a warning of the early danger signs that can lead you to lunatic thoughts and actions. It is not what you think that's a problem, only how you respond. This lunacy left unmanaged will lead almost everyone to thoughts of anger, revenge, desolation, suicide and death.
Fortunately, with a bit of awareness of how this happens, it is also possible to use your lowest moments as positive change agents that can harness your lunacy and change your life in a positive way. Understanding your Lunatic Gene will set you free. But first, it will annoy you! This book will help you to facilitate this journey.
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