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How To Analyze People, Make Friends, And Influence Others: Read People Instantly

How To Analyze People, Make Friends, And Influence Others

That job you've been eyeing -you can get it! But requires you to understand someone's personality type?

Do you want to be in control of any situation you encounter?

Every influential leader understood the power of body language and charisma. Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, Barrack Obama, Donald Trump and even infamous leaders such as Hitler and Stalin .

Such powerful leaders have forged the landscape of our history for better or for worse. Some rose to power bringing freedom and prosperity, while others left terror and atrocities in their wake. These influential leaders intuitively knew the power of utilizing body language to advance their agendas.
Who is this book for? Anyone and everyone from all walks of life. The truth is humans communicate mostly through body language! Did you know 80%-90% of what we say is revealed through our body language and the remaining 10%-20% is verbal communication!

What You'll Learn

— Identifying Personality Types/Traits

— Analyzing Body Language & Micro Expressions

— How to Influence People, Become likeable and Make Friends

— How to Spot Manipulation & Stop It!

— How to Deescalate Conflicts

— Facial profiling

— And, much, much more!

Situation You May Encounter

-You want to better understand you co-worker's personality type at the workplace

— Dealing with customer's irate behaviors

— Your in a meeting or meeting a group of people and want to know their true intentions

— Understand the people around you better so you can enhance both business and social relationships

— You have an upcoming interview and want to be prepared

— You have friends or colleagues that maybe manipulating you?

By the end of this book you will have learned how to decipher body language, understand different perspectives on non-verbal communication, create genuine connections, empathize better, and interpret people's behaviors more accurately.

Effectively reading body language can help you anticipate a person's thoughts, actions and even reactions instantly.

This book takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you want to become likeable, win friends, read people instantly, or influence others, this is your step to step guide to understanding the complex nature of the human psyche and the many intricacies and labyrinths of the mind.

These skills are universal whether you are prospecting romantic relationships, interview situations or spotting deception and stopping it in its tracks.

What are you waiting for? The greatest investment you can make is an investment in yourself. Master the art of analyzing people and make positive change in your life.

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