Robert Ezra Park

Introduction to the Science of Sociology

1,581 printed pages



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    Дмитрий Безугловhas quoted5 months ago
    theory, as Darwin conceived it, was not an interpretation of the facts but an explanation.
    Angel H. Ortizhas quoted3 months ago
    The first thing that students in sociology need to learn is to observe and record their own observations; to read, and then to select and record the materials which are the fruits of their readings; to organize and use, in short, their own experience.

    What the student needs to learn, however, is how to get facts rather than formulate opinions.
    Until students learn to deal with opinions as the biologists deal with organisms, that is, to dissect them—reduce them to their component elements, describe them, and define the situation (environment) to which they are a response—we must not expect very great progress in sociological science.

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