Charles Dickens

David Copperfield

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    My father's eyes had closed upon the light of this world six months, when mine opened on it.
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    She gave my mother such a turn, that I have al­ways been con­vinced I am in­debted to Miss Bet­sey for hav­ing been born on a Fri­day.

    My mother had left her chair in her agit­a­tion, and gone be­hind it in the corner. Miss Bet­sey, look­ing round the room, slowly and in­quir­ingly, began on the other side, and car­ried her eyes on, like a Sara­cen’s Head in a Dutch clock, un­til they reached my mother. Then she made a frown and a ges­ture to my mother, like one who was ac­cus­tomed to be obeyed, to come and open the door. My mother went.

    “Mrs. David Cop­per­field, I think,” said Miss Bet­sey; the em­phasis re­fer­ring, per­haps, to my mother’s mourn­ing weeds, and her con­di­tion.

    “Yes,” said my mother, faintly.

    “Miss Trot­wood,” said the vis­itor. “You have heard of her, I dare say?”

    My mother answered she had had that pleas­ure.
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    “Why, bless my heart!” ex­claimed Miss Bet­sey. “You are a very Baby!”
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