Kinky, Justine Elyot
Justine Elyot


Two strangers, Rosie and Dimitri, meet by chance one evening in London.
After the hottest night of their lives they undertake a journey of sexual exploration into the world of BDSM.
From Justine Elyot, author of the bestselling Mischief titles ‘Game’ and ‘His House of Submission’.
You’ve been seduced by ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and Slyvia Day’s ‘Crossfire’ trilogy, now prepare to devour ‘Kinky’.
Kinky Cupcake is much more than a meeting place for like-minded BDSM enthusiasts – it's an all-purpose play space with dungeons, boudoirs and role-play rooms galore.
So when Rosie and her new friend Dimitri blag their way in, they know they are going to have to convince everyone that they are a genuine BDSM scene couple
The pleasures of domination and submission are explored, one by one, until Rosie and Dimitri's faked dynamic becomes all too real.
But can their new bond survive outside Kinky Cupcake as well as inside its playrooms?
148 printed pages



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