Arthur Laud

Minimalizing for Material Girls

Minimalism, or “minimalist living,” is an ancient philosophy which is seeing resurgence as a modern day trend. Many people, even the well-to-do, are realizing that having a lot of material possessions just isn’t as satisfying as they thought it would be. They are discovering that consolidation and “getting rid of stuff” brings an exhilarating feeling of new-found freedom.
However, living a minimalist lifestyle isn’t just about material things. It is about streamlining all areas of your life, including your thought process and daily routines. As a minimalist, you will learn to appreciate sunsets and breathing fresh air again. You will discover life’s lost meaning watching the butterflies land in your flowerbed. Let Arthur Laud walk you through a simplification process which will make you a happier person, regardless of your social status. Topic covered include:
Discover the joy of simple living. When you have less stuff to keep track of, and fewer things to have to remember, you will see a reduction in both stress levels and doctor visits.
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