Arthur Laud

Hocus Pocus, you're Focused

Learning how to focus better must be one of the most beneficial self-improvement projects a person can dedicate themselves towards. When you know how to concentrate properly, you make more efficient use of your time. This has wonderful applications in all areas of your life.
In this 14-chapter e-book on focus training, Arthur Laud will help you identify the cause of all your usual distractions, and then walk you through a process which will reprogram your brain to stay focused when one of these “distraction triggers” occurs. By gradually replacing your old bad habits with new good ones, even the most chronic daydreamer will soon find themselves possessing masterful powers of concentration.
Do you catch yourself constantly drifting off during business meetings, or when your wife tells you what happened at work today? If so, stick this little gem on your device and start fixing your potentially disastrous habit today.
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