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Annie West

An Enticing Debt to Pay

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Dial R for Revenge…
Forgiveness is a foreign concept to wealthy investment trader Jonas Deveson. Someone has been stealing from him. He's got a good idea who it is and she's going to pay….
Seeing the harsh lines that bitterness has carved into Jonas's handsome features, Ravenna Ruggiero knows he'll never see the shades of gray in her actions.
Jonas blackmails Ravenna into working as his housekeeper to pay off her debt, but living under the same roof leads to unexpected yet forbidden temptation, and Jonas is no longer sure who is being punished!
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  • Haya Miashared an impression7 years ago

    awesome ????????

  • whayatyshared an impression8 years ago


  • Sangshared an impression3 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up


  • vian23has quoted4 years ago
    Call it feminine pride but she wanted him to look at her with desire.
  • vian23has quoted4 years ago
    She blinked sleepily up at him, her lips widening in a smile that knocked a chunk of granite off the corner of his heart. Her gaze was warm and for the first time he saw her smile reach her eyes. They glowed.

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