Sarah Morgan

Sold to the Enemy

Stefan Ziakas might be her father's most hated business rival, but he's the only man who has ever made Selene Antaxos feel beautiful. So, needing to make a new life for herself, Selene apprehensively turns to Stefan for help.
Except the dark-hearted tycoon is nothing like the white knight she remembers. Seduced, bedded and betrayed in a matter of days, Selene realizes it's not always better the devil you know. She's sold her soul—and her heart—to the enemy!
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    Not finished

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    👍Worth reading


    b0167063689has quoted4 years ago
    done in my life. On the other hand if you
    Daniq Amqhas quoted7 years ago
    Her one bright memory in a lifetime of shadows…
    Stefan Ziakas might be her father’s most hated business rival, but he’s the only man who has ever made Selene Antaxos feel beautiful. So, needing to make a new life for herself, Selene apprehensively turns to Stefan for help.
    Except the dark-hearted tycoon is nothing like the white knight she remembers. Seduced, bedded and betrayed in a matter of days, Selene realizes it’s not always better the devil you know. She’s sold her soul—and her heart—to the enemy!

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