James Witt Sewell

An English Grammar

  • Jed Sohas quoted4 years ago
    "Water seeks its level."
  • Elena Akaevahas quoted8 years ago
    Some words are usually singular, though they are plural in form. Examples of these are, optics, economics, physics, mathematics, politics, and many branches of learning; also news, pains (care), molasses, summons, means: as,—
  • Максим Шатуркоhas quoted2 years ago
  • Joaquin Barillashas quoted2 years ago
    Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much; Wisdom is humble that he knows no more
  • Joaquin Barillashas quoted2 years ago
    ) ATTRIBUTE NOUNS, expressing attributes or qualities.
    (2) VERBAL NOUNS, expressing state, condition, or action.
  • b1661163708has quoted2 years ago
    Generally speaking, the dogs which stray around the butcher shops restrain their appetites.—Cox.
  • b4747994508has quoted2 years ago
    English grammar is the science which treats of the nature of words, their forms, and their uses and relations in the sentence.
  • Joaquin Barillashas quoted2 years ago
    noun is a name word, representing directly to the mind an object, substance, or idea
  • Alina Maksymivhas quoted2 years ago
    Name for a group or collection of objects.
  • Alina Maksymivhas quoted2 years ago
    a name possessed by any one of a class of persons, animals, or things.
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