Alana Church

The Guardians of Heklos

For generations, the Temple of the Deity has kept the people of Heklos safe. But now a new religion is coming, and Abiron and Ariana, priest and priestess of the Deity, must fight to protect their nation.

But what neither of them realize is that mightiest weapon the Deity has in Her arsenal is that of sexual love. Ariana, Abiron, and those whose paths they cross will all be bound up in it, fated to become…

The Guardians of Heklos.

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

Start at the waist, Ariana's advice, spoken months ago, whispered in his mind. He laid his hands gently on Angela, taking care to keep his touch feather-light. Stroking, motions slow and sure, he caressed her from hip to where the fan of her ribs began to swell into the proud outthrust of her small breasts. Stepping closer, he ran his hands down the long, strong muscles of her back, stopping short of the taut curves of her buttocks.

In turn, Angela began to explore his body. She drifted her hands down the clean lines of his chest, fingertips exploring him with delight. Her breath began to grow short. Greatly daring, she brought her face close to his neck and nuzzled him while he groaned in pleasure.

Enough, she thought. She came to him, sealing her body against his. She hooked her hands behind his shoulders and brought his sweet mouth down to hers for their first kiss. Boldly she opened her mouth and sought his tongue with hers. She felt his hands firmly grasp the curve of her hips, and in turn sought out the hard muscles of his buttocks. She cupped them in her palms, reveling in the strong feel of him under her hands.

Her hands sought to go lower. Bending her knees, she knelt before him, hands learning how his buttocks gave way to his thighs and thence to his calves. She removed his shoes, and her mouth dipped for a quick kiss on the arches of his feet. Still kneeling, her hands reached up and with sure fingers undid the flies of his breeches. She hooked her fingers in the waistband, and with one abrupt movement pulled his breeches to his feet. Eyes wide, she took in the object of her desire, standing strong and proud, bobbing in front of her face in time with his heartbeat, which she could feel in her palms as they rested on his legs. She licked her lips, staring at it. Her previous encounter, sweet as it was, had been a fumbled, hurried thing. She had had no chance to explore all the possibilities of desire. She looked up at Abiron.

“My friend, will you take me to bed?”
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