Owen Fitzpatrick

The Charismatic Edge: The Art of Captivating and Compelling Communication

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The rules of communication are radically different than ever before. Standing out and being counted is no longer just an advantage. It is a necessity. You are your own brand and, unless you learn how to shine, you'll be left behind.
Whether you are looking to get a promotion, become a better leader, master public speaking, build your business, sell more, improve your love life, social life or even your networking skills, you need to be more effective at engaging people — you need to be more effective at branding yourself and making an impact on others.
Charisma is a must. And here's the good news: You can learn it.
Find out:The secrets that the best speakers, screenwriters, comedians, politicians and gurus know about impacting their audience.The keys to supreme self-confidence and high self-esteem.How you can use your body, voice and energy to influence others. How to create an irresistible first impression, instantly.What only the very best business leaders, sales people, marketing executives, advertisers and world class negotiators all understand about winning the hearts and minds of their teams and customers.
Charisma is often misunderstood as a quality that some people have but others don’t. In this book you’ll learn how, in reality, charisma is an impression you create in the mind of another person which can be improved and mastered by anyone, including you.
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Gill Books

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    David Gerardo Martínez Hidrogohas quotedlast year
    With respect to the very funny and clever Oscar Wilde quotation above, in reality it’s really important to avoid thinking about what you don’t want and to switch your way of thinking around. Once you do that the next step is to figure out what challenges might stop you getting what you want. Next, find out what resources are at your disposal. Then it’s about figuring out a strategy to overcome the challenges and get it. Lastly, it’s about taking action and following through on your strategy.
    Ірина Жукhas quoted4 years ago
    come what may, ‘everything’s gonna be alright.’

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