Elaine Foreman,Clair Pollard

Introducing Cognitive Behavioural Theraphy (CBT)

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An INTRODUCING PRACTICAL GUIDE to the massively popular therapy. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, commonly known as CBT, has roots stretching back as far as the ancient Greeks. It is a talking cure – a branch of therapy widely regarded as effective in curing or at least alleviating the symptoms of a wide range of disorders from anorexia to post-traumatic stress disorder. INTRODUCING CBT – A PRACTICAL GUIDE explores the roots, both ancient and modern, of the discipline but focuses on how you can use CBT’s insights to improve your life. Whether you’re suffering from a particular complaint or simply feel that CBT’s measured and results-driven approach can be of benefit to you, this is the perfect concise guidebook.
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    Zarina Tsarakovahas quotedlast year
    A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.

    Irish proverb

    Maria Guskovahas quoted2 years ago
    questions to challenge your worries or anxious thoughts

    • How important will this be in my life 5 years from now?

    • What would my best friend say I should do about it?

    • What would I advise my best friend to do if this was their problem?

    • Am I assuming my way of seeing things is the only one possible?

    • Am I jumping three events ahead when the first step hasn’t even happened yet?

    •Am I overestimating the chances of disaster?
    Марияhas quoted2 years ago
    learns to recognize the good things she’s doing, begins to appreciate her contribution and spends time developing skills which she knows she does have, which she can feel good about

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