Little Women
In this favorite story of long ago, you’ll meet the unforgettable March sisters-Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. They live with their mother, called Marmee, in a small house next to the Lawrence mansion. Their father is an army chaplain, away during the Civil War. You’ll enjoy getting to know the sisters and sharing the adventure of growing up. Meg is plump and earns money by caring for children in the neighborhood. Jo likes to write and make up stories and plays for her sisters. Beth is gentle and quiet and enjoys knitting by the fire and helping with household chores. Amy, the youngest, wants to be an artist. As you read or listen to this specially abridged version of the story, you’ll be there as the Marches share Christmas breakfast with a poor family, as Jo sells her beautiful, long hair to buy a train ticket so Marmee can visit Mr. March; as Beth falls ill with scarlet fever; and as the sisters become grown women who fall in love and get married. Reprinted in large, easy-to-read type, this edition includes 30 new illustrations that capture the joy and sadness of this wonderful story of a close-knit family in 19th-centurv America. Original Dover (1997) abridgment bv Bob Blaisdell of a standard edition.
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EmmaIsabelBeaumontshared an impression7 months ago

I really love it. When I saw the movie I loved it! Then I saw the book at a local shop and I bought it. I have read it more than 4 times now! It may seem boring to those who like less detailed work but believe me it takes you in and it just becomes very interesting! I recommend watching the movie first just because you get the idea of the story better than trying to guess whats happening if your not the best reader.

b9936293258shared an impression7 months ago
💩Utter Crap

Сонька Кунчунча
Сонька Кунчунчаshared an impression11 months ago

Удивительно трогательное, теплое и близкое каждому произведение!

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