Quotes from “She Felt Like Feeling Nothing” by r.h. Sin

the best revenge
is realizing that you never needed
the person who hurt you
thought it was cool to play with fire
but no one warned you that it’d burn
she held madness like a flower
any man who hurts your heart

is incapable of falling for you
remember, i am a creature
who has been broken
by the hands of past loves
understand that i am hurting
still trying to recover
still trying to rebuild
standing still, afraid to move forward
you’ve hidden so much
of what you’ve felt
in the corners of your heart
refusing to open up
out of fear of being hurt again
you can’t plant yourself

in unhealthy relationships

and expect roses to grow
still push me to the edge

of insanity

thinking to myself

how could i ever fall

for someone

too weak to catch me

how could i love

someone so empty

for once.

i waited and waited
can’t argue with silence

it never speaks back

be silent when others

no longer deserve your words
look at you . . .

a heart filled with scars

a soul that’s been aching

and yet somehow

you manage to smile
two flowers growing

in opposite directions

a friendship ending
small animalistic reminders
of how happier everything else is
outside of myself and how sad
i’ve become on a morning where
i should be happy to be alive
but i’m not
my whole life has been about waiting always waiting, always hanging on
to the tomorrows of today
or trying to figure out how
to survive the aches of yesterday
be silent when others
no longer deserve your words
she told her secrets
to the night
and kept it all hidden
behind a beautiful smile
during the day
in you
are poems
that aren’t meant
to be read by everyone
while she still gives a fuck
because one day you’ll be too late
fight for her
she walked through the fire
wearing nothing but a smile
because she knew damn well
that she’d bring her demons
to their knees
when you go to bed
with strangers
you wake up lonelier
than you previously felt
the heart collapses into itself
filling the void with more emptiness
sometimes you just have to let go
of certain people
in order to make room
for something beautiful
to enter your life
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