r.h. Sin



juli.has quoted2 years ago
He was in love with the softness of your thighs and the build of your frame. He was in love with the possibilities of getting what he wanted. He was in love with the wetness of the inside of your mouth. He was in love with it, not you and that’s the entire truth. So, don’t tell me you’ve been in love when he provided nothing but lists for you to fall into. Love doesn’t neglect the soul or disrespect the mind or fail to protect the heart. True love doesn’t walk away whenever you say no or cause you to compromise your happiness. You keep saying you’ve been in love, well where is he now? Where is this love you claim while questioning the way he feels about you? Real love is certain and always sure. I just hope you’d realize this.
b3939481977has quoted2 years ago
your softness
is your gift
your sensitivity
is beautiful
most of who you are
will go unappreciated
by men
who don’t deserve you
Setya Ningsihhas quoted2 years ago
a truth II.

your opinion of me

will never define who i truly am

and whatever you think of me

holds no importance in my life


irisshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading

This book is a perfect read/message to anyone going through heartbreak. I think everyone can relate to the feelings of the book.

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    r.h. Sin
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  • b0037298634shared an impression2 years ago
    🔮Hidden Depths
    👍Worth reading

    seems like this book was made for me....

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    r.h. Sin
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  • b7891437274shared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    In an amazing way I loved crying and learning.

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