P. G. Wodehouse

The Little Nugget

The Little Nugget (1913) is one of the novels in which Wodehouse found his feet, a light comic thriller set in an English prep school for the children of the nobility and gentry. Into their midst comes eleven-year-old Ogden Ford, the mouthy, overweight, chain-smoking son of an American millionaire. Ogden (whom we meet again in Piccadilly Jim) is the object of a kidnap attempt which forms the basis of the plot. The comedy arises from Wodehouse's favourite topics of Anglo-American misunderstanding and the absurdities of school life.
243 printed pages
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  • Umang Sharmashared an impression6 years ago

    Enjoyed reading thoroughly


  • Oluchi 'buchi-Njerehas quoted7 years ago
    'Taking duty' makes certain definite calls upon a man. He has to answer questions; break up fights; stop big boys bullying small boys; prevent small boys bullying smaller boys; check stone-throwing, going-on-the-wet-grass, worrying-the-cook, teasing-the-dog, making-too-much-noise, and, in particular, discourage all forms of hara-kiri such as tree-climbing, water-spout-scaling, leaning-too-far-out-of-the-window, sliding-down-the-banisters, pencil-swallowing, and ink-drinking-because-somebody-dared-me-to.
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    To think of a boy growing up in that tainted atmosphere—at his most impressionable age. It means death to any good there is in him.'
    My mind was still grappling feebly with the legal aspect of the affair
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    If you ask an old soldier,' I said, 'he will tell you that

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