The Man with Two Left Feet And Other Stories, P. G. Wodehouse
P. G. Wodehouse

The Man with Two Left Feet And Other Stories

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This collection of short stories is a good example of early Wodehouse. It is here that Jeeves makes his first appearance with these unremarkable words: «Mrs. Gregson to see you, sir.» Years later, when Jeeves became a household name, Wodehouse said he blushed to think of the off-hand way he had treated the man at their first encounter…In the story “Extricating Young Gussie,” we find Bertie Wooster's redoubtable Aunt Agatha «who had an eye like a man-eating fish and had got amoral suasion down to a fine point.” The other stories are also fine vintage Wodehouse: the romance between a lovely girl and a would-be playwright, the rivalry between the ugly policeman and Alf the romeo milkman, and the plight of Henry in the title piece, The Man with Two Left Feet, who fell in love with a dance hostess.
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Mr Riesbitter lit a cigar, and looked at us solemnly over his zareba of chins.
'Now, let me tell ya something,' he said to Gussie. 'You lizzun t' me.'
I could go on indefinitely about brutality and lack of consideration.
It had not been hard to scrape acquaintance with them
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