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P. G. Wodehouse

A Damsel in Distress

«A Damsel in Distress» is a madcap adventure whose comic twists and turns could only have come from the zany imagination of P.G.Wodehouse. Respectable George Bevan is minding his own business, zooming down the street in a taxi, when out of nowhere, lovely Maud Marsh jumps into the car with him, begging for his help. As George recovers from his shock, Maud’s sad plight comes to light. She is desperate to escape her aunt’s meddlesome ways and reunite with the man she loves. George is moved by Maud’s tragic tale and chivalrously offers to aid the hapless damsel. As soon find, however, no good deed goes unpunished. Mistaken identities, hilarious run-ins with high-tempered relatives, and all manner of shenanigans come George’s way before we can reach the exciting conclusion of this wacky romantic comedy.
268 printed pages
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  • Margo Fernandezshared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • b9025027095has quoted2 years ago
    They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • b6264815086has quoted4 years ago
    Have you ever had a what-do-you-call it? What's the word I want? One of those things fellows get sometimes."
    "Headaches?" hazarded George.
    "No, no. Nothing like that. I don't mean anything you get—I mean something you get, if you know what I mean."
    "Anonymous letter. That's what I was trying to say.
  • b6264815086has quoted4 years ago
    Absolutely not! That was the rummy part of it. He looked as like you as your twin brother."
    "I haven't a twin brother."
    "No, I know what you mean, but what I mean to say is he looked just like your twin brother would have looked if you had had a twin brother.

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