Christopher Tolkien,Humphrey Carpenter

The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien

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A comprehensive collection of letters spanning the adult life (1914–1973) of one of the world’s most famous storytellers.
‘It is not possible even at great length to “pot” The Lord of the Rings in a paragraph or two. It was begun in 1936, and every part has been written many times… the labour has been colossal; and it must stand or fall, practically as it is.’
J.R.R. Tolkien was one of the most prolific letter writers of this century. Over the years he wrote to his publishers, his family, to friends (including C.S. Lewis, W.H. Auden and Naomi Mitchison) and to fans of his books. The letters present a fascinating and highly detailed portrait of the man in many of his aspects: as storyteller, scholar, Catholic, parent and observer of the world around him. They also shed much light on his creative genius and grand design for the creation of a whole new world — Middle-earth.This collection will appeal not only to the legions of Tolkien fans, but will entertain anyone who appreciates the art of letter-writing, of which Tolkien was a master.
‘I am nearly always written to as Tolkein (not by you): I do not know why, since it is pronounced by me always -keen.’
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  • Tatiana Teterevlevahas quoted3 years ago
    itself. But if lit. teaches us anything at all, it is this: that we have in us an eternal element, free from care and fear, which can survey the things that in 'life' we call evil with serenity (that is not without appreciating their quality, but without any disturbance of our spiritual equilibrium)
  • Tatiana Teterevlevahas quoted3 years ago
    Are you still inventing names for the nameless flowers you meet? If so, remember that the old names are not always descriptive, but often mysterious! My best inventions (in elvish of the Gnomish dialect) were elanor and nifredil; though I like A-S symbelmynë or evermind found on the Great Mound of Rohan. I think I shall have to invent some more for Sam's garden at the end.
  • Tatiana Teterevlevahas quoted3 years ago
    Harebell and emended it to Hairbell. I don't know whether it will interest you, but I looked up the whole matter of this name once — after an argument with a dogmatic scientist. It is plain (a) that the ancient name is harebell (an animal name, like so many old flower-names), and (b) that this meant the hyacinth not the campanula. Bluebell, not so old a name, was coined for the campanula

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