Robert Graves

Greek Gods and Heroes

A retelling of the greatest myths and legends of the ancient Greek gods and heroes for readers of all ages by a celebrated historical novelist.
In the ancient past, the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece lived on Mount Olympus and ruled the world of mortals. Famous heroes shaped the course of history, beautiful women drew the gazes of gods and men alike, and the gods were both fickle in their favors and breathtakingly generous to those they smiled upon.
From Midas’ tragic gift to the exploits of Hercules and the curse of Pandora, renowned classicist and historical novelist Robert Graves brings the legends of ancient Greece to life in a lively, accessible way that’s sure to appeal to everyone; from children to adults, and from casual readers to serious scholars.
102 printed pages
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    Malthe Ibsen Sørensenhas quoted2 years ago
    Much the same thing happened when he fell in love with the nymph Syrinx: she escaped from him by changing into a reed. Unable to tell which she was among all the thousands of other reeds growing beside the river, he took a stick and angrily hit at them. Then, feeling ashamed of himself, he collected the broken reeds, cut them in different lengths with a flint knife, bored holes in their sides, and tied them in a neat row—to form a new musical instrument, called the Pan Pipe.
    Malthe Ibsen Sørensenhas quoted2 years ago
    Pan loved to sleep every afternoon in a cave or forest grove and, if a passing stranger woke him by mistake, let out such a horrible yell that the stranger’s hair bristled, like a hedgehog, in what is still called ‘Panic’ fear
    tongeg68has quoted2 years ago
    thunderbolts, finally hurling an enormous rock on top of him. The rock is now Mount Etna in Sicily. From time to time, Typhon’s fiery breath rushes

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