Your Mind Is Your Home, Kamran Bedi
Kamran Bedi

Your Mind Is Your Home

173 printed pages
How often have you fallen victim to your own thoughts?
Perhaps you have over-thought every fearful situation and felt anxious about what could possibly happen?
If this sounds like you and you are tired of lying in bed at night with an overactive mind then this book is for you.
Your Mind is Your Home is a straight-to-the-point guide for learning how to cope with the world that you experience inside your own head.
Being able to transform how you live inside your own mind is powerful. This in-depth guide will show you exactly how to stop re-playing those difficult and repetitive thoughts. It will also show you how to achieve a sense of peace and control in your mind. These techniques can be applied in any place and any time that you desire.
You can expect to learn:

How to be more mentally and emotionally present.
How to stop binge-watching emotionally painful movies in your mind.
How to release the past and stop worrying about the future.
How to stop any difficult inner chatter. Quickly!
How to think and feel better no mater what life presents. This book will allow your mind to be a safe and comfortable place where you have control so that you can live and feel better.

Kamran Bedi, Mental Health & Wellbeing Practitioner, presents his findings and experiences for how the patterns of our minds can affect our lives, energy levels and happiness. As an NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer he has worked with people from all walks of life who exhibit patterns of thinking that result in feelings of mental and emotional discomfort.

Kamran is also a leading practitioner utilising IEMT, Mindfulness and Hypnosis. He brings a fresh, modern & tech-savy approach to helping you find more peace, control and ease within.

IG @coachkamranbedi
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Irena Jovanović
Irena Jovanovićhas quoted15 days ago
depression can be learned, programmed, and executed on a daily basis, leaving you with more mental and emotional ease.

•How would it feel for you to have more control, more ease and more relief mentally and emotionally?

Learning how to filter out your thoughts and mental movies can be as easy and effective as applying a Snap Chat filter. Difficult thoughts and memories can expire and disappear for you, just like an Instagram story. There’s no need for you to be the only viewer watching your difficult and at times uncomfortable thoughts play over on repeat. Trust me - I’ll show you how to cope.

Let me make one thing clear for you: Life doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t need to fit a norm, a trend, or to be completely in alignment with the spiritual talkers or wellness warriors of the social media world. This is a suggestion that I invite you to personally now experience, a suggestion that it’s OK to be where you are, doing what you’re doing, thinking what you’re thinking and feeling how you’re feeling. Why? Because life is life. You will have the good days and the hard days. You’ll experience moments where life makes you feel like you’re living your best life, and times where you can’t pick yourself up of the sofa. Life is like that. Through all that you do in life, all that you share and say, you are the occupant of your own thoughts in each and every moment.

Considering this fact, wouldn’t it be helpful for the place that you spend so much time – with yourself and with your thoughts – to be a place you actually want to be in, a place that you enjoy being in, a place that you can cope with living in? – your mind.

My suggestion to you is to go on a journey within yourself to make your inner news feed more comfortable, more bearable, and more habitable. You can work through the anxiety and fear, through the worry and pain, through the love and excitement, so that you can have more control and feel more at ease. Why not step into your own personal space to tidy and declutter, to delete and erase all that no longer serves you? You don’t have to continue thinking

депресија се може учити, програмирати и изводити свакодневно, остављајући вам више менталне и емоционалне лакоће.

• Како бисте осећали да имате више контроле, више лакоће и олакшања ментално и емоционално?

Учење како филтрирати мисли и менталне филмове може бити једнако лако и ефикасно као и примјена филтера Снап Цхат. Тешке мисли и сећања могу за вас истећи и нестати, баш као и прича о Инстаграму. Нема потребе да будете једини гледалац који гледа ваше тешко и понекад неугодно размишљање. Верујте ми - показаћу вам како да се изборите.

Допустите ми да вам појасним једну ствар: Живот не мора бити савршен. Не треба да се уклапате у норму, тренд или да будете потпуно у складу са духовним говорницима или веллнесс ратницима света друштвених медија. Ово је предлог који вас позивам да сада лично доживите, предлог да је у реду бити тамо где јесте, радити оно што радите, размишљати шта мислите и осећати како се осећате. Зашто? Јер живот је живот. Имаћете лепе и тешке дане. Доживјет ћете тренутке у којима вам живот чини да живите свој најбољи живот, а и тренутке када не можете сами да покупите софу. Живот је такав. Кроз све што радите у животу, све што делите и кажете, у сваком тренутку сте власник сопствених мисли.

Имајући у виду ту чињеницу, зар не би било корисно да место у којем проводите толико времена - сами са собом и са својим мислима - да буде место у којем заправо желите да будете, место у ком уживате да сте, место у коме се налазите може да се носи са животом? - ваш ум.

Мој предлог за вас је да кренете на пут унутар себе како бисте ваше унутрашње информације вести постале удобније, подношљивије и погодније за становање. Можете да радите кроз анксиозност и страх, кроз бригу и бол, кроз љубав и узбуђење, тако да можете имати више контроле и осећати се лакше. Зашто не бисте ушли у свој лични простор да поспремите и уклоните, да избришете и избришете све што вам више не служи? Не морате наставити да размишљате

nazreen786mhas quoted2 months ago
Your online world may seem perfect. It may be filled with unicorns, angels, and glitter, but let’s consider the news feed of your mind. This is the real you, the only you. It is the you that only you know. No number of online likes will ever equal the amount of self-love and self-care only you can give to yourself.
Youssef Bahaa Abd El-Sadek
Youssef Bahaa Abd El-Sadekhas quoted2 months ago
can very easily drift off into thoughts of your past or concerns for the future.

يمكن أن تنجرف بسهولة إلى أفكار ماضيك أو مخاوفك للمستقبل

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