A Dark and Stormy Night, Mary Shelley
Mary Shelley

A Dark and Stormy Night

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Mary Shelley (then Godwin) and Percy Bysshe Shelley were visiting their friend Lord Byron in Geneva one rainy summer. With the weather against them, they decided to spend their time writing ghost stories for each other. Frankenstein is Mary Shelley’s submission to their contest, later published anonymously in 1818.
Victor Frankenstein, a strange but brilliant scientist, discovers a method of imparting life to inanimate matter. The Monster is thus born: a hideous, 8-foot-tall creature of muscle, speed, and intellect. Frankenstein’s rejection of his appalling creation sends it into a spiral of despair, and Frankenstein’s life is never the same.
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Esteban Paredes
Esteban Paredesshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading

O el moderno Prometeo, es interesante el modo en que este supuesto Dios se aleja de su creación por miedo

Themba Moyake
Themba Moyakeshared an impression4 years ago

The birth of the gothic narrative was arguably bolstered by Shelley's 'Frankenstein'. Simply philosophically engaging when one considers how at its core is the question of whether the evil that's prevalent in the world was manufactured by inhumanity.

We read it for the Southern African English Olympiad this year (2016) where we explored the leitmotif: The Darkness in Man's Heart.

Simply fulfilling!

p.s: I especial love the archaic diction - palatable.

Nat Cat
Nat Catshared an impressionlast month
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One of the best books ever written.

Ruslanhas quoted3 years ago
serpent to sting you,
Abdullah Atta
Abdullah Attahas quoted3 years ago
How slowly the time passes here, encompassed as I am by frost and snow!
b8105436474has quoted3 years ago
Come, Victor; not brooding thoughts of vengeance against the assassin, but with feelings of peace and gentleness, that will heal, instead of festering, the wounds of our minds. Enter the house of mourning, my friend, but with kindness and affection for those who love you, and not with hatred for your enemies.
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