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Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens

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You’re never too young to learn the language of money… and the lessons that rich dad taught Robert. Like it or not, money is a part of our everyday lives and the more we understand it, the better the chance that we can learn to have our money work hard for us—instead of working hard for money all our lives. That starts with learning the language of money.
This book, created from the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, shares Robert’s inspiring person story but teaches how to make smart choices. Packed with straight talk, sidebars, and quizzes, this book will jumpstart a child’s personal and financial success by teaching: How to speak the language of money, ways to make money work for you, tips for success (including: “Work to learn, not to earn.”), and 
why games can help you understand money, investing, and ways to choose your best path to financial freedom.
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    Dami Omolehas quoted5 years ago
    in addition to the monthly mortgage payment for the building, such as maintenance or security people. This expense number would be subtracted from the monthly income. What kind of profit do you think the owner is making? Is it a good one? If you know someone in the building, ask if the owner is seen on the property much. How do you think the owner spends his or her time?
    Dami Omolehas quoted5 years ago
    The next time you’re in an apartment building, do a little math. Look at the mailboxes and count how many apartments you think are in the building. Then, estimate how much the average tenant pays per month to live there. Multiply the two numbers to see roughly what kind of monthly income the owner is getting. Then, look around and think about the expenses the owner might have
    Dami Omolehas quoted5 years ago
    Ask your parents if they can take you to a stockbrokerage firm. It’ll be best if they can prearrange the visit with a broker who is willing to talk to you about the different types of investments and their return rates. Your parents may even allow you to open an account.

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