Laura Lovecraft

Daddy's Girls

Three all new, steamy taboo tales featuring horny fathers and their not-so-sweet, eager-to-please daughters!

Come On In, The Water’s Fine — With Mom at work and the neighbors away, Tracy entices her daddy to take a sultry dip in the pool.

Work Hard, Play Hard — Alicia stops by to give her hard working daddy a special treat.

Midnight Snack — Dad's horny, Brittany's hungry. Same thing, right?

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

The door opened and Alicia entered his office, closing the door behind him.

“Hey, Daddy!” she beamed as she made her way over to his desk.

“Hey Honey, what are you doing here?”

Even as she spoke, his eyes drank in his daughter, or as much as the jacket she was wearing allowed him to. The jacket belted at the waist and went partway down her thigh, but left enough of her long legs visible to still provide a treat.

Those slender, shapely legs were encased in sheer black stockings and ended in a pair of black heels he had bought for her last week and her mother would never see. The shoes were supposed to be part of tonight’s fun had he been able to get home.

But at least he could see her in them even if it was for a few minutes. He tore his gaze from her legs and took in her face. Alicia looked damn good, she had curled her long black hair and her lips were painted a deep red that was too old-and too slutty— for her age, but he loved it on her and on him.

She was made up and the blush highlighted her high cheekbones and her eye shadow and mascara really brought out the soft green of her eyes. The jacket was belted tightly, but he could see some of the top of her chest which featured an adorable patch of freckles he enjoyed kissing and using as target practice.

“I brought you something good to eat!” She smiled, then held up a McDonald’s bag, “And a couple of burgers.” She giggled as she dropped the bag on the chair in front of his desk.

Her words snapped him out of his inspection of her body.

“Alicia, I’m at work, we can’t do anything here.”

“Why not?” She asked coming around to the side of his desk, “You work all the time Daddy, and we were supposed to play tonight!”

“I know, baby and trust me I want to, but…” he gestured around his office. “I’m working now and there’s people outside the door and…”

“What is it you always say, daddy?” She untied her jacket and opened it, “Work hard, play hard?”

“Oh my God!” Mitch exclaimed.

Beneath the jacket all Alicia had one were the thigh high black stockings and a matching black lace thong.
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