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As little as a year ago, Laura would have been appalled at the thought of wearing this and would have been too embarrassed to wear it in the bedroom, never mind considering wearing it out in public as she planned to this weekend.
But RJ had changed all that. He loved her curves, all of them, and especially liked, no lusted after her meaty ass and soft thighs. RJ referred to her body as lush and her curves soft and inviting.
Laura loved that description and over the last few months had gone from being self conscious-and sometimes flat out ashamed of her body- to flaunting it for RJ whenever she could.
Despite it being a little tighter than she would like in the middle, Laura smiled at her reflection, thinking of RJ, she decided the dress was a keeper, it made her feel sexy and what mother didn’t want to feel sexy for her son?
“Piggy.” She giggled and winked at her reflection, “You’re a bad girl, Laura.”
The dress made her want to be bad, but then again what didn’t these days? With Laura’s newly inspired confidence in her body had came a sexual wantonness she had never dreamed she could be capable of.
There were times she not only couldn’t get enough, but wanted it as dirty and raunchy as possible. She stared at her reflection taking in her shoulder length curly brown hair, huge brown eyes and round cheeks which were imbued with a natural color most women wore blush for.
Laura’s smile had a sweet shyness to it, a holdover from her days as a nervous, socially awkward teenager and sadly the lingering effect of years of being made to feel she wasn’t attractive. That shy, sometimes nervous, smile along with her cherub like features gave Laura an appearance of innocence.
At forty four she looked younger and her shy demeanor added to that effect. Laura had been, and always would be, looked upon as a ‘good girl’. The shy quiet type you could take home to mom, the wallflower who lurked in the corner of the room watching the sexy popular girls get all the attention, and the soft spoken little housewife who ‘knew her place’
Laura still very much played that part around Ray and their friends because it was easier; less bullshit from him and no odd looks and questions from others. But when Ray left for work or on afternoons RJ didn’t have work right after class, Laura went from that mousy little girl next door to a lust driven wildcat who couldn’t get enough of her son’s cock.
She knew there was nothing right about that last thought, but since the night her attempt to help him overcome his shyness with girls led to her making him a man, Laura couldn’t say no to her son. Who was she kidding? RJ didn’t even have to ask, most of the time she was chasing him.
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Chapter One

Dennis sat by the window of his second floor bedroom watching his mother by the pool. His phone was in one hand, recording
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Their tongues slithered like mating snakes, and the deeper she fell into that loving kiss, the deeper his turgid cock sank into her sex
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