Laura Lovecraft

Mom Will Never Know

While using his new security camera, Mike accidentally records his parents having sex. Now he can't get enough of watching his mother acting like a porn star. When his father tells him he knows what he's doing, Mike thinks he's done for. Instead, Dad says he wants to switch and watch Mike have sex with his mother while she's blindfolded. Mike and Dad will get what they want, and Mom will never know!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

“So if everything’s okay, what can’t wait?” I asked, taking off my lame Taco Bell visor and tossing it in the laundry before sitting down on my bed facing him.

“Might be easier to show you.” Dad turned to my laptop and shook the mouse. “I e-mailed myself something so I could show you.”

“What is it?” The knot was back in my stomach and I leaned forward as Dad went into his e-mails and opened something up.

“It’s a pretty interesting movie,” he laughed, again sounding nervous, “A movie within a movie really.”

Windows Media came up and I held my breath as the video buffered. When it came to life, I released my breath as if someone had punched me in the stomach.

The video was shot of me on my bed. The angle was from behind me, looking over my shoulder and showed me not only masturbating, but the monitor in my other hand. On the screen, clear as day was my mother playing with herself, it was from yesterday.

Even as I sat there stunned, it hit me what had happened to the camera in the baseboard and looking at the angle of the movie, I turned my head and looked at the small vent just over my bed.

“Yup, those vents are great spots.” Dad said from where he was watching the video, “And that camera and monitor set up was worth the money we paid.” He whistled, “Look at how clear even the picture on your monitor is.”

“Dad, I, uh…” I stopped, unable to come up with anything that made sense.

“Tell you what, your mother can put on a show.” Dad was still glued to the video. “It’s funny, I’ve been with her for over twenty years flesh to flesh, but seeing her on a screen? Really hot!”

He shut the video off and turned in the chair to face me. He didn’t look mad at all and for some reason that made me more unsettled, something was wrong here.

“Look, dad, I’m sorry, I…I don’t know why I did that. It was sick and wrong and…does mom know?”

“First off,” Dad actually smiled, “Calm down, you’re not in trouble.”

“I’m not?”

“Think about it, Mike; am I yelling and screaming and freaking out?’

“No, but…” I narrowed my eyes, “You’re really not mad?”

“Nope and your mother doesn’t know, that’s why we’re talking.”

“Oh, I appreciate it, dad.” I nodded, “I’ll stop. I’ll never do it again, promise.”

“Why not?”

“What?” Okay, had I eaten one too many burritos and this was weird dream?

“It’s hot, Mike.” He put his hands out, “Your mother is one hell of a woman and watching people have sex? That’s pretty hot itself.”

“You don’t care your son watched you?” I asked.

“You don’t seem to care you’re watching your mother, do you?” he frowned, “Um., wait. It is your mother you’re watching right, not me?”

“Of course not! Why the hell would you turn me on?” I exclaimed so vehemently he laughed, “Jeez okay, no need to hurt my feelings.”

“Sorry.” I shrugged, “But you know, it’s weird.”

“But you like watching your mother with me though?”

“Dad, are you drunk?” I blurted out; he had to be because this was getting Twilight Zone weird that he was talking about it like this.

“Not at all, but I am excited.”

“Excited?” I repeated, “I’m lost, dad. I think I’d have an easier time if you broke my cameras and grounded me for six months.”

“Right, because that would be the normal reaction.” He agreed, “But normal kids wouldn’t want to watch their mother have sex now would they? Let alone set up a damn surveillance kit to do it.”

“Touche’,” I said weakly.

“Mike, this was tough for me to do. I found your cameras three weeks ago and it took me this long to approach you.”

I sat there open mouthed at what he just said, “Wait, you found them three weeks ago?”

“Yup, the cold weather’s around the corner so when I was home one Saturday while you were working and mom was out I decided to go around and check all the vents to make sure they were clean and clear.”

“Three weeks.” I said again as what that meant was slowly dawning on me.

“Right.” He grinned, “And how many times have your mother and I had sex in that time? Not only sex, but things like the schoolgirl outfit and naughty secretary and yesterday?” he smiled, “I asked her to do that, told her I was on my way home and to let me catch her playing with herself.”

“So you knew and it,” My eyes widened, “It turned you on?”

“It did.” He sighed, “I know it sounds crazy, but seeing as how you’re being pretty bizarre yourself I thought we could help each other out.”

“How?” I asked, “You want me to keep watching?”

“You can do that.” He nodded, “But I want to watch too.”

“What do you want to do, come in my room and watch mom play with herself?”

“I want to come in here and watch alright, but not her with a toy.”

“Then what do you want to watch?” I was confused.

Taking a deep breath, Dad looked me in the eye, “Mike, I want to watch you have sex with your mother.”

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