Back in the Marriage Bed, Penny Jordan
Penny Jordan

Back in the Marriage Bed

Annie can't believe Dominic Carlyle's claim. How can he be her husband? Why would she have walked out on him and forgotten all about their marriage?
To jog Annie's memory, Dominic insists they move in together. Annie is compelled to say yes--haunted by the memory of a dream in which a man makes love to her… a man who looks just like Dominic.
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vian23shared an impression2 years ago
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Gerda van den Bergh
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b1497221316has quoted9 months ago
As Dominic turned his head he realised what she meant, his forehead pleating in a frown as he looked down at the wires attached to his body.
vian23has quoted2 years ago
Oh, how much she loved him. How wonderful it was that they had found one another.
Sekar Chamdi
Sekar Chamdihas quoted4 years ago
Love might grow quickly but trust was another matter. Trust was a slow-growing plant that needed nurturing

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