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Leo Tolstoy

A Confession

Leo Tolstoy wrote this short meditation on sadness and the meaning of life when he was middle aged. He had already completed his masterworks, Anna Karenina and War and Peace, reared fourteen children and gained fame and acclaim in Russia as a man of letters. But despite having attained that success, he still found himself unhappy and always returning to the disturbing idea that all achievement is meaningless.
A Confession is his attempt to put these thoughts in words as he teetered on the brink of suicide. It forms the first in a four-volume series that included A Criticism of Dogmatic Theology, The Gospel in Brief, and What I Believe (also known as My Religion or My Faith).
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    Anindya Khas quoted5 years ago
    : I feared life, desired to escape from it, yet still hoped something of it.
    windhas quoted3 months ago
    He reaches a glade, climbs a tree, and clearly sees the lim­it­less dis­tance, but sees that his home is not and can­not be there; then he goes into the dark wood and sees the dark­ness, but there also his home is not.
    b6115294081has quoted3 months ago
    That there is truth in the teach­ing is to me in­dubit­able, but it is also cer­tain that there is false­hood in it, and I must find what is true and what is false, and must dis­en­tangle the one from the other. I am set­ting to work upon this task. What of false­hood I have found in the teach­ing and what I have found of truth, and to what con­clu­sions I came, will form the fol­low­ing parts of this work, which if it be worth it and if any­one wants it, will prob­ably some day be prin­ted some­where.

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