Louise Maude

Louise Maude (1855–1939), the daughter of a British merchant living in Moscow was - along with her husband Aylmer Maude (1858 – 1938) - an English translator of Tolstoy's works. Tolstoy was a friend of the family and authorised Louise Maude to write his biography in 1902.She lived many years in Russia, and then moved with Aylmer to England where she continued translating Tolstoy's writing and promoting public interest in his work. (Source: Wikipedia)

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then I only dimly sus­pec­ted this, and like all lun­at­ics, simply called all men lun­at­ics ex­cept my­self.
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In some of its de­vel­op­ments pro­gress has pro­ceeded wrongly, and with prim­it­ive peas­ant chil­dren one must deal in a spirit of per­fect free­dom, let­ting them choose what path of pro­gress they please.”
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Then these mo­ments of per­plex­ity began to re­cur of­tener and of­tener, and al­ways in the same form. They were al­ways ex­pressed by the ques­tions: What is it for? What does it lead to?
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