Normandie Alleman

Royal Wrecker

A marriage bargain catapults the prince of rock and the princess of Martinovia to super-couple status, but a romantic honeymoon will prove to be the real test.
My world is filled with everything most men desire—money, women, fame. The fans are great, but I’m an introvert, and the punishing pace of my career saps my creativity.
I crave a life outside the spotlight, where I can create music in peace.
But that freedom comes with a price.
When I met Honoré, I had no idea she was a princess. And now I’m forced to marry her in order to prevent an international incident.
In exchange, I win my freedom. And even though I hate the terms, I’m committed to the process. The fact that I’m incredibly hot for my new bride is simply a bonus.
I only wanted to have a little fun—go to a concert, meet a handsome rock star.
But ditching my security detail and pretending to be a groupie has landed me a husband and an unwanted starring role on the reality TV show “Honeymoon with the Royals”.
Living out a relationship in front of cameras would take its toll on the most solid relationship. I’m terrified of what it might do to a fake one.
Secretly, I hope the magical places we visit will help my husband discover there’s a real woman underneath the tiara. Because, whether I like it or not, he had me at “I do.”
180 printed pages
Original publication



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