Normandie Alleman


Bridger Thompson is a man of many secrets.
When an explosion in Iraq damaged his ability to satisfy his then-fiance, he never dreamed the machine he built to carry out his husbandly duties would turn into a business. One that could never be associated with The Barnes’ Family, the darlings of reality TV.
But a chance meeting with Dynassy Barnes stirs a desire in him that he hasn’t felt in years, and he’s determined to make her his.
Dynassy Barnes is trying to clean up her act.
When she meets the handsome and rugged former Navy Seal Bridger, Dynassy knows he’s the perfect guy to redeem her reputation with fans. And the more time she spends with him, the more she realizes her feelings for him are not just for the show.
Even though Bridger knows his smut empire may destroy his relationship with Dynassy, he’s more concerned he won’t be able to love her the way she deserves.

Because for that, he would need to become a MACHINE.

180 printed pages
Original publication



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