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Juha Öörni

Traveler's Paradise

Do you want to explore every single aspect of the Caribbean life? Then your next vacation should be in the ABC islands!

Arubа, Bonaire аnd Curacao are three exotic Caribbean islands with a colorful Dutch colonial architecture. Since they used to be ruled by the Dutch, many elements of the Dutch architecture and culture are still present. However, the ABC islands are still exotic and they have the most beautiful waters and sceneries you’ll ever come across!

Each one of those three Caribbean islands has its own personality.

Aruba is the most developed and glamorous island, however, it is unbelievably beautiful since nearly 20% of the island is devoted to the beautiful Arikоk National Park.

Bonaire is the most quiet and laidback island. It’s the perfect place to go scuba dividing in order to explore those magical waters.

Finally, Curacao is the capital and it is right in the middle. There, there is the perfect combination of culture, nature and nightlife.

So are you ready to explore the Caribbean ABC islands? Juha Öörni will give you all the information and inspiration you need to organize your vacation!
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