Juha Öörni

Traveler's Paradise

Traveler's Paradise: Paris France Shopping & Travel Guide

Stroll through the city of light. Go to the essence of the place. The streets, parfums, tastes and sounds that make Paris France unique. Photography, art, creativity that gives its individual inspiration.

With this beautifully and gorgeously packaged book. Traveler’s Paradise: Paris France Shopping & Travel Guide takes readers to the most charming streets of the city, presenting the secrets and jewels best kept in every corner, a detailed insight into the fast evolving worlds of food, wine, pastry, coffee, parfums, fashion, and design in the charming city of Paris.

The book is a beautiful piece in its own. The accessible writing invites readers to dive in and out and gives the past and background information for each place on the journey. Visually loaded and totally exciting, Paris is a treasure for lovers of art, style, design & food.

So don't waste time! We give you amazing facts and belief that are accessible to you quickly when in Paris.

Traveler’s Paradise is your guide to the treasures within. Welcome to Paris, city of light, where you will find style, elegance, and a vibrant creativity to rouse your senses and stir your imagination.

The Traveler’s Paradise shows us the City of Light as never before… don't visit France without it!
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Juha Öörni

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