Henry J. Parker

How to Talk and Influence Anyone Effectively: Learn the Power of Words and Art of Connecting to People

Communication is an important aspect of today's society. With the constant change of technology and the popularity of online communication, offline communication has become an aspect of the past. Notice how difficult it can be for many people around the world to have a proper face-to-face conversation with each other without wanting to immediately walk away after three sentences. Yet, the hardest aspect of communication is an individual's ability to influence another through words.
Our goal in this book is to teach you how to communicate effectively with others. Having the ability to use your words to influence or persuade another individual also falls into this category. Whichever your reason may be, this book will set the foundation skills that you will need to know to be a great conversationalist. After all, words are the most important aspect of proper communication. How can you communicate with others without the use of words?
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    Vika Lakishevahas quoted5 months ago
    There are a lot of faults in making judgments and assumptions on another person. When you judge, you’re labeling someone into a specific category based on what you see and not what you learned.
    Vika Lakishevahas quoted5 months ago
    Be proud and confident. That is all you really need to attract someone. Your words are only second to people’s impression of you.
    Vika Lakishevahas quoted5 months ago
    The point is that being nice isn’t going to get you everywhere. There’s a time where you’re going to have to say no. People will only like you for the time that you are nice.

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