Shirley Cole

Communication Skills Training

Decode Your Relationships And Discover The Power Of Effective Communication

A 75-year Harvard study found that love is the secret to a fulfilling life.

But if that´s true, why do so many people break up?

The #1 reason for the dramatic increase in breakups is that we don´t take time for real communication within our relationship.

The key to any relationship is good communication.

In “Communication Skills Training”, you´ll discover:

— The secret language to maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of life

— How to read the invisible hints someone gives

— The #1 skill for meaningful conversations

— How to create a team of warriors who love to fight for your ideas

— How to become a master in public speaking and own the stage like Tony Robbins

— How to use communication at work for more success and satisfaction in your job

— How to deal with toxic relationships and never be manipulated again

— How to create a romantic fairytale relationship and live happily ever after

— 17 relationship killers and how to overcome them

— How to fix a relationship and how to break up when there is nothing left to fix

Even if you call yourself a relationship expert, there are still hidden secrets about the other gender you probably haven´t heard of.

If you want to maintain healthy, long-lasting relationships, then check out this guidebook right now!
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Shirley Cole
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    can be achieved through good eye contact, facial expressions, and affirmative body language and vocalizations from both people to indicate that they understand what each other are saying.
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    Persuasion from their partner to tackle these issues can provoke a defensive reaction in men. Until a man is ready to deal with whatever issues they’re facing, questions and encouragement can do more harm than good. It’s a good idea for women to remind their male partners that they’re there for them whenever they want or need to talk, and then allow them to come to them in their own time when they’re ready.
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    Whereas women tend to want to talk about their problems in order to work through them, men are much more likely to simply want to forget about them and move on if there’s nothing more they can do. The husband had therefore assumed that his wife would rather not relive her bad day with him by bringing it all back up and talking about it, so instead he works to distract and comfort her rather than giving her what she needs.

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