Jason B. Tiller

Buddha Bowl Cookbook

There is one fundamental fact, we all need nourishment, and this needs to be appropriately imbibed in our daily activities. This is the root of our very existence without which we are nothing.  In our quest to feed and survive, we bring about harm to our own very self through unwholesome eating habits.

The image of Buddha that comes to mind is that of a jolly-looking man with a rotund belly and baby-like features. The Buddha Bowl is a menu and diet type inspired by Buddha showing a balance in nutrients we consume. This is an image seeking to encourage us to eat and feed our souls. You do not have to be overweight. Instead, that model aims to show us to be comfortable in our skins and enjoy healthy foods at all times.

Our mind is used to having its way, especially with the perverse dietary habits. This results in you suffering from various ailments and an unwholesome life. You eating anything and everything brings ruin to your digestive system and self.

The Buddha Bowl is a dish that nourishes the soul. It is filled with down to earth easy to get pure organic food that you will enjoy and be grateful for at all times. The Buddha Bowls used to be the exclusive preserve of monks, but with our search for better health, the west is now beginning to see the enormous advantages this diet type has. The Buddha Bowl is all about practicing mindful eating and meditating on our food. Eating from a bowl like Buddha ensures you enjoy every bite to its fullest and be spiritually in tune with the essence of the dish. The Buddha Bowl is a sign of equilibrium between man and what he takes in.

This cookbook is filled with delicious recipes swilling with aromas and flavors that your inner person will love. Go with the simple recipes outlined and tweak it as you seem fit.

This cookbook will enlighten you about;

Cooking mindful dishes

The Buddhist mindfulness actualized

Mindful eating revamped

The Buddhist diet program

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