William Charles Wentworth

Statistical, Historical and Political Description of the Colony of New South Wales and its Dependent Settlements in Van Diemen's Land

William Charles Wentworth (1790–1872) was an Australian explorer, journalist and politician, and one of the leading figures of early colonial New South Wales. He was the first native-born Australian to achieve a reputation overseas, and a leading advocate for self-government for the Australian colonies. In 1819 Wentworth published the first book written by an Australian: Statistical, Historical, and Political Description of the Colony of New South Wales, in which he advocated an elected assembly for New South Wales, trial by jury and settlement of Australia by free emigrants rather than convicts. Wentworth successfully completed his legal studies by 1822 and was called to the bar. Wentworth became Vice-President of the Australian Patriotic Association and founded a newspaper, The Australian, the colony's first privately owned paper, to champion his causes.
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