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Rosanne Bittner

Heart's Surrender

The Trail of Tears forces a Cherokee man and a white settler to discover how much their love can endure in this romance from the author of Texas Embrace.
When Andrea Sanders moves to the hills of Georgia, she’s terrified to discover she lives next door to the Cherokee. But when she first sees the muscular, handsome Adam, she is even more afraid of the turbulent passions he arouses in her.
After the proud Cherokee warrior Adam finds himself falling in love with a white woman, he vows their clash of cultures will not keep him from her. Andrea Sanders wins his heart, but their utter devotion to each other is tested beyond endurance when the betrayal of a nation tears apart the Cherokee and forces them into a march to a new land.
Praise for USA Today–bestselling Author Rosanne Bittner
“Bittner’s characters spring to life…Extraordinary for the depth of emotion with which they are portrayed.”—Publishers Weekly

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