Promise Me Forever, Lorraine Heath
Lorraine Heath

Promise Me Forever

275 printed pages
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On the outside, Lauren Fairfield appears the very picture of cool, contained nobility and blueblood British sophistication. Inside, however, she longs for Tom, the charming rogue she loved—and lost.
Now a sinfully handsome would-be gentleman has arrived in London—and Lauren nearly swoons when she realizes it is her Tom, grown to magnificent manhood. He has come to claim his lost title as Earl of Sachse . . .and to fulfill an oath once made by two young lovers beneath a long-ago moon, a scandalous promise no proper lady would dare honor.
Lauren could never love a staid and stifling lord, and Tom's future is the aristocracy. So she will teach him their ways before she exits his life forever. But the wildness she adored still lives in Tom's heart—and he will not rest until he proves to the proud, resisting beauty that “forever” is a promise that must be kept . . .
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she knew exactly what he was referring to, what he was
jessycathyjohas quoted2 years ago
He suspected she still viewed him as the callow youth she’d known in Texas.
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The words stunned him, shook him clear down to his bootheels.
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