Arian Wulf

Two Werewolves And A Cat Shifter

Jack has never really paid much attention to the timid Cat Shifter who started working in his company a few weeks ago. She's a slight thing, wearing so many layers that he wonders if there is something wrong with the heating system in the Marketing Department.

Her reunion with an old ex piques his curiosity but his interest turns into something else entirely when he sees the way she reacts to the predator much bigger than she is.

He wants her.

Wendy’s experience has taught her to be cautious when pursued by men who are older and more powerful than she is. Jack isn't just her CEO, he's an Alpha Werewolf. His instinct should be to dominate and possess, to overpower and claim her.

Instead, she finds that he is inconceivably gentle and patient with her.

She thinks he is prepared to wait an eternity if she asks him to.

But when her abusive ex makes a reappearance, showing none of his patience and grace, she finds that he does not have the endless patience she thought he does.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Her feet kick ineffectually at open air as she's lifted by the Alpha Werewolf, trapping her against the wall with one large hand to her throat. She had forgotten how strong the Alpha was, how careful. The fabric of her shirt dulls his grip, but it does little to help her breathe through the fingers cutting off her air.

His face is too close. He smells like that awful cigar he likes to chain-smoke because he thinks it makes him look debonair. She had made the mistake of pointing out his mistake and this was the result.

She should have known better than to challenge him like that.

“Did you think you could hide from me?” he hisses, his voice low and dangerous. He rattles off her exact address, down to the zip code. “Did you honestly think you could run from me?”

She tries to shake her head, but she can barely move. The action comes across as a furtive twitch from side to side. She wants to make sense of why he hadn't come for her before today if he had her address all along, but her brain manages to make the connections easily enough. She is able to come to the conclusion that it's more than likely he only found her address today, after seeing her here, and is now using that knowledge to frighten her. She wishes it didn't work as well as it did. She's terrified of him.

Brian doesn't just love her. He is obsessed with her. He wants not just to possess her body, but every minute of her life. In the beginning, it had been a heady, satisfying feeling. She had never been loved to such a point before, but she learns that his possessiveness comes at a price. He is destructive to every aspect of her life that doesn't directly involve him.
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