Dion Fortune

The Machinery of the Mind

The Machinery of the Mind Dion Fortune — Contents: Introduction — Chapter 1. The Physical Vehicle Of ConsciousnessChapter 2. The Evolution Of The Nervous SystemChapter 3. How An Idea Enters The MindChapter 4. The Organisation Of The Upper Levels Of The MindChapter 5. The Organization Of The Lower Levels Of The MindChapter 6. ComplexesChapter 7. The InstinctsChapter 8. The Self-Preservation InstinctChapter 9. Diseases Of The Self-Preservation InstinctChapter 10. The Reproductive InstinctChapter 11. Development Of The Reproductive InstinctChapter 12. Diseases Of The Reproductive InstinctChapter 13. SublimationChapter 14. Maladaptation To Environment And PsychopathologyChapter 15. ConflictChapter 16. RepressionChapter 17. DissociationChapter 18. SymbolisationChapter 19. Phantasies, Dreams, And DelusionsChapter 20. PsychotherapyChapter 21. PsychoanalysisChapter 22. Hypnosis, Suggestion, And AutosuggestionChapter 23. The Practical Application Of PsychologyChapter 24. Conclusion
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